Boo York City is a New York arts and culture magazine, whose articles cover the fascinating, beautiful, and quirky elements of the city and its inhabitants.

We peek behind the mainstream curtain to bring you stories of a different stripe: the back room burlesques, speakeasy lounge lizards, ground-breaking artists, vintage darlings, the freaks, the famous, the dark and the dangerous.

We prod the soft, white bohemian underbelly of a city that is never what it seems on the surface.

These left-field stories are unearthed by newspaper journalist, Boo Paterson, who has worked as a features, entertainment, and travel writer, classic car columnist and sub-editor on broadsheets, tabloids and online publications internationally for over 20 years.


Her interest in culture is fostered by her own life-long participation in the arts scene, as a cabaret and burlesque producer, music manager, circus ringmaster, and with the creation of her own papercut artworks, which have been displayed at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Art, and twice shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards.

Boo York City’s exclusives have made a splash in the mass media, with its stories being picked up by major news organisations such as Fox 5 News, The Daily Mail and Buzzfeed. And Paterson’s delicate paper-cut artworks, vintage style, and books have also been covered world-wide, by the BBC,  ITV, STV, The Canberra Times, The Guardian and House & Garden, among many others.

If you have a story about bohemian, secret or vintage New York that you think needs sharing, just drop us an email to booyorkcity [at] icloud.com and tell us about why you feel it needs a wider audience.

See you in Boo York City!

*Pic by Lesley Martin Photography



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